Beautiful Escape: 9 Best Beaches in Sri Lanka To Recharge Yourself

Beach days in Sri Lanka are an excellent way to acquire a feel for the country while vacationing.

From Colombo International Airport, the South Coast is super accessible, making it easy to move throughout the city because the distances are that short.

A colorful beach house overlooking the sea or an adventurous tree house in the middle of nature?

Find out all the best beaches in Sri Lanka and where to stay for your next visit here.

Visiting the beach in Unawatuna Tangalle is a beautiful way to spend a vacation

Tangalle, the island’s southernmost city, was the starting point to this journey for me.

No yoga, Ayurveda, or the like are necessary here, and the name clearly conveys that. In this beautiful region of the earth, the water is the reprieve.

It is possible to hear the pounding waves even when the windows and doors are closed.

Intense beams of sunlight stream into your hotel room through the modern, minimalist glass window front that spans the whole length of the room.

You may chill off a few meters from the sea and the pool, surrounded by tropical palm trees. Across the street from me live the hard-working fisherman of the little town.

Men and women laboriously yank massive fishing nets from the depths of the sea, which resemble a string of pearls. Not every fish are as numerous as expected. But her lips are still pursed in a loving smile.

Take a vacation in Sri Lanka and switch off all of your appliances.

No matter how hard you try, there’s no way to get food.

So, that’s great!

In part because of how well-lit and spacious the restaurant is.

Curries, pasta, salads, soups, and fresh seafood are just a few delectable options available here, so prepare to have your taste buds pampered.

Options for breakfast include banana pancakes, eggs Benedict, Sri Lankan breakfast (Linsendal), and yogurt with granola and fruits.

It’s a real treat!

When you’re looking to get away from the sometimes hectic, noisy life of Sri Lanka and recharge your batteries at sea, go no further than the Lankavatara Ocean Retreat.

Taking long walks along the lovely, seemingly boundless, lonely beach is a pure pleasure for the mind and body. If you’d want to ride a bicycle about the little town, you may do so for free.

Vacations in Sri Lanka Tangallese Beach, The colonial-style Lankavatara Ocean Retreat Hotel Galle has a vibrant old-town character.

In Sri Lanka’s southernmost city of Galle, you may come across colonial relics coexisting with contemporary lifestyles.

A tuk-tuk ride (50 to 100 rupees per km) or a rented scooter is the best way to see them in full detail. Allow yourself to daydream for a while.

When it comes to historic beauty, Fort is by far the most popular neighborhood.

The most prominent sights are the Dutch Reformed Church and the lighthouse atop the walls of the landmark fortification. The Indian Ocean’s waves reach straight up to the stone walls of the abandoned buildings.

The best restaurants, cafes, and shops in Galle

Some of the Fort’s most elegant cafes and restaurants can be found in the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, the Fort’s oldest structure, including the Hammock Café and the A Minute by Tuk Tuk.

Take a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets dotted with shops and cafes.

One of my favorites is Poonie’s Kitchen, located in a beautiful courtyard. Lemonades, brightly colored decorations, and healthy dishes like this Thali salad platter contribute to a happy mood and excellent taste.

Before you can get there, you’ll have to walk through a shop that made me want to buy everything. Scarves and jewelry complement the bright skirts and blouses.

For such a low price, the product is of excellent quality. It’s another store with a beautiful courtyard, interesting decorative items, and a wide selection of beautiful clothing.

A buddy claims that Coconut Sambal serves the best curry in town. Sadly, my time in Galle was too short to justify a visit.
hanging from a palm tree in Unawatuna

With a scooter, it’s easy to go to Unawatuna Beach from Galle City.

Dalawella Beach, on the other hand, is a bit further away.

Some of the most famous stock fishermen are still waiting for the big catch, even though it’s nearly lunchtime. In the hopes of keeping their fishing lines in the water, they’ve delayed for hours on end on a limb structure.

The swing attached to the palm tree always seems to be claimed by a friendly Sinhalese with a big smile. Because a swing sets you back 200 rupees (roughly one euro).

While standing first, I give him a lot of money and allow him to lift me into the air. It was a lot of fun! Lifting a leg would be risky due to the shakiness of the horizontal stick. Therefore I prefer to sit in a more secure position. Skydiving, I tell you, is addicting!

In the evening, I’m invited to a coconut party by the swing’s owner when I get back to solid ground.

Due to the difficulty and exhaustion of riding a scooter in Sri Lanka, even during the day, I respectfully decline. It costs between 800 and 1,000 rupees (4 to 5.50 euros) a day to rent a scooter in India.

Vacation in Sri Lanka: beachside bungalow painted in vibrant hues

The waves and early light across the lake wake you as you sleep. What are your thoughts?

Why that truly is a thing of beauty. On our Maldives holiday, we stayed in an over-water home and had a similarly wonderful experience, except it was a little more luxurious.

When it comes to happiness, it doesn’t matter what you do. As soon as I booked my tiny, colorful beach bungalow near the sea, a flutter of excitement swept through my body.

In addition, the Bara Beach Home’s initial impression is that it is a beach house: hammocks between palm trees that sway in the breeze, beautifully painted furniture, calming music, and a view of the rushing sea.

Reservations were made, and I was given the best room in the tree house. It was a real treat! You might be curious about the price tag on such a breathtaking vista.

Each night costs just 15 euros, and you won’t believe it! There is, however, a shared bathroom. Because the facilities in the tree cabins are so inadequate, I advise guests to use the showers and toilets at the main house instead.

This is a great place to relax and unwind, work while taking advantage of the stunning views, or simply meet the friendly staff or owner for a chat. It’s around 20 minutes from Galle to the Bara Beach Home, located on a quieter beach.

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka: Beach or tree house?

An overcast tuk-tuk ride through Hikkaduwa is practically intolerable due to the crowds and activities.

The beach just serves to confirm this initial impression. There are a lot of restaurants and a few shabby hotels crowded together. Ballermann is also a great place to relax in the sun.

The No. 1 Roti Kade shop, also popular with the Sinhalese, was the first place I left the beach and headed to immediately.

Sri Lanka’s silky flat cakes are making me crave a taste! On the menu is roti with avocados, eggs, cheeses like cheddar, guacamole, and various dessert options.

Among the choices I have are a mango-lassi and a banana-chocolate-coconut-and-honey roti. All of this for just 2.80 euros, and it’s a joy to behold!

A local suggested the Refresh Restaurant on the beach for fresh seafood. There are many people there, too, as I pass by it.

Private Tea Plantation Tour in Sri Lanka

Huma Terra (report below) is the location of a tea factory that, compared to the other highland tea factories, is remote, genuine, and untouristy. Thousands of people were smuggled through the pathways above when we were in Sri Lanka on a study trip.

In contrast, you can see everything clearly and up close, free of obstructions such as debris or throngs of people. You may get to the little factory’s entrance in about five minutes on a bike through the beautiful countryside. It takes Kamal, the owner/manager, about an hour to show me through the three acres of tea and cinnamon plantations.

Ceylon tea was first planted 150 years ago by Britishman James Stellar in Sri Lanka, the world’s second-largest tea exporter (behind China). After three years, a tea bush may only be harvested once a week. The vivid green shoots re-emerged. You should always pick the top three leaves representing the three virtues. There are three types of leaves: the innermost, the smallest, and the biggest, which are all different.

Plantation Tea from Sri Lanka’s Holiday Hikkaduwa

Ceylon Tea contains white, green, and black teas. Different locations in Sri Lanka are home to each of the three types. In terms of cost, white tea is the priciest. It costs about 15 euros to buy 100 grams.

They are paid by the kilo and may brew 20 to 25 cups of tea daily in just seven hours of work. One thousand kilograms are produced daily by the plant, established in 1938 and now 80 years old.

After checking the Plantagenet, Kamal guides me around the factory.

To discuss each procedure in detail would be too time-consuming, and you should still have a reason to examine them. When I think about it, I can still smell the sweet aroma of tea leaves.

Kamal also tells me that cinnamon oil is made from the leaves of the cinnamon tree.

Using a few fresh leaves to rub on the skin emits a pleasant cinnamon scent, and even chewing on a sprig is pleasant. On the other hand, the cinnamon sticks are picked from the trunk of the cinnamon tree.

Cinnamon sticks are made from trees that have been harvested, debarked, and processed after two years. Ceylon is the leading exporter of cinnamon sticks in the world.

In my instance, the tea sampling is followed by a snack of fried jackfruit with shredded coconut, which is an excellent way to finish the journey. The qualities of Ceylon tea are depicted in this image from left to right.

Two small independent businesses just a few blocks from Huma Terra produce cinnamon sticks and cinnamon oil. Unfortunately, due to the excessive temperature, they could not open that day.

Forest treehouses may be both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Seven kilometers from Hikkaduwa, Jean-Loup, and Solange from France have built a stunningly beautiful oasis.

It’s an adventure just to get there because Google Maps’ location is incorrect. My driver came to a halt. Huma Terra Eco Lodge has been completely erased from the landscape. A short phone call with Jean-Loup has us returning a short distance before arriving at an iron gate: the gateway to paradise!

After a short walk through the lushly groomed garden, I arrive at my new home: a tree house with a breathtaking view of rice paddies.

It’s improving little by little. A real mango tree with two sturdy trunks and a fresh sprout is growing straight through the old wooden house as I open the door, and it makes me as happy as a young child at Christmas. What an excellent way to spend your days!

Sustainable adventure on your vacation in Lanka

Local wood, solar power on the roof, a natural well for water and air conditioning, and a dry toilet bag made of potato fiber that can be totally composted with its contents are examples of this lodge’s eco-friendly design approach.

Warm water and even a reasonably powerful jet (a rarity in Sri Lanka!) give unlimited bathing pleasure, but no effort was spent when it comes to comfort.

This establishment has a great deal of concern for the environment and animals.

The humorous donkey and her three miniature ponies go by to graze, and the two lambs beside the saltwater pool greet you and beg for treats. Additionally, there are several hens, three dogs, and three cats.

There are also some wild animals, including chipmunks and iguanas. At night, the bushes and trees are illuminated by tiny fireflies.

Holiday in Sri Lanka at the Hikkaduwa Huma Terra Green Lodge Pool

A tree home in an open area will always have a few other occupants who may be allergic to insects or other small animals.

There have been reports of ants, butterflies, beetles, cockroaches, and snakes. In the evening, I return to my romantic home to see a well-preserved snake skin on a board near the window.

Rat snake skin, which is non-venomous and does not return to molting, calms my nerves after a brief panic attack from a Sinhalese buddy. It was an odd and unsettling experience, but one that was great and will stay with me forever.

Rice fields, palm trees, and other exotic vegetation complement the tropical setting of five tree houses; however, they aren’t all occupied all the time. Nature, tranquility, and a stylish feel-good atmosphere all in one place!

I would change the breakfast options and the supper selections to include more Sinhalese cuisine.

Curries are one of my all-time favorite foods. However, this is an excellent place to go if you’re curious about Western cuisine.

I think the best way to see Sri Lanka is by renting a tuk-tuk. At Tuk Tuk Rental, you may rent a brightly colored vehicle.

However, due to the back seat’s limited capacity for three skinny passengers, you are not allowed to bring much luggage.

Is Sri Lanka on your bucket list? Do you know of a lovely beach or an exciting place to stay? We’d love to hear from you in the comments area of our travel blog! If you want a true Ayurvedic treatment, I strongly recommend visiting Sri Lanka!

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