The Best App for Business Travel Expenses and The Other 4 You Want To Check Out

A month’s worth of employee time spent painstakingly entering every penny into an Excel spreadsheet is a thing of the past, thanks to electronic receipts.

Not many people still work with company that’s still stuck up doing this..

Today’s workers are mobile and can work from anywhere, therefore they need current solutions to control their spending, which are also mobile and can be managed from anywhere with corporate travel apps available within their finger tips.

What’s The Best App for Business Travel Expenses That Works Best for Everyone?

It’s tough to choose the best travel apps when there are so many options accessible.

We’ve put up a list of five applications to help you keep track of your spending and travel costs. Using these applications, you may, for example, keep track of already-incurred costs in real time, submit receipts electronically, and generate expense reports quickly.

There’s something for everyone on this list, from easy to complicated travel expenditure reporting tools!

Best Expense Management Software: OneExpenses

Onexpense is a tool for keeping track of receipts and invoices. You just snap a picture of your receipt or bill, and the app will read the total amount for you. The program may also be used to figure out how much gas you’re allowed to take with you. In addition, Onexpense offers expense templates for your workers.

In order to expedite the reimbursement process, each expenditure report is combined into a single file (CSV, PDF, or Excel).

Expense Tracker Software: Expensya

The payment of travel expenditures can be automated using the French software Expensya, allowing the accounting department to refund workers for mileage allowance charges more promptly. With automated procedures and rules, there is a better level of transparency and control over expenditure.

Customers may easily export their data from Expensya via numerous interfaces, such as those with Quadra, Loop, or Quickbooks. DATEV does not currently have an interface for Expensya, but the data may be exported in multiple forms and subsequently loaded into DATEV.

Best Expense Report App? Try Lanes & Planes

All aspects of a business journey may be digitized by one of the best expense report app from this Munich-based company Lanes & Planes. Accommodation and transportation must also be arranged before the trip begins.

The platform may be used to cancel and refund a trip if it is unable to begin. Additionally, receipt management and reporting may be done using the site.

With Lanes & Planes, you get direct access to Lufthansa, low-cost airlines, Deutsche Bahn, and Flixbus, as well as more than 70 hotel booking sites. In addition, the company’s customer service department exclusively hires certified travel agents.

Travel and Expense manager: Donation SK

They can file their colleagues’ expense reports in record speed and without any paperwork thanks to Spendesk, a worthy travel and expense manager.

Finance may initiate expenditure reimbursements immediately on the Spendesk platform when employees submit a snapshot of their receipts to produce 100 percent digital expense reports. By avoiding Excel spreadsheets and the time-consuming hunt for misplaced documents. But there’s more to it than that.

Expense management is made easier with the help of this program. Employees may use a centralized platform to generate virtual debit cards for safe online payments, which eliminates the need for expenditure reports. Paying using a real debit card makes sense for work lunches and business travels.

Because of the single platform where all employee costs come together, Spendesk allows workers to have more control over their spending and the finance team to keep an eye on it all in real time.


The N2F app was designed for foreign travel, and it includes currency conversion as one of its features. It’s available in eleven different languages and includes an offline mode built right in. N2F syncs all photos of receipts to the user’s account for further protection.

There is a time tracking function in N2F, so users can see how much time they’ve spent on each project. When working on many projects at the same time, this is a handy tool. With the N2F app, you may also electronically sign papers while on the road.


In order to keep track of their expenditure reports in real time, companies may use Jenji.

Using this program, costs, mileage allowances, and more may be managed automatically.

All invoices are digitized, read aloud, and automatically processed. Stop wasting your time with unnecessary typing and focus on the task at hand. Companies and accountants may choose from a variety of Jenji variants.

Mobile Xpenses

Xpense’s “future-proof, proven Travel & Expense Management” solution is the best in the business. Employees may use the platform to submit their trip requests, which are then reviewed by their managers in a transparent travel application system.

With Mobile Xpense’s integration with an online booking tool of their choosing, customers can better monitor their expenditure.

With the SpendCatcherTM, you can take a picture of your receipts and have them read aloud to you while you’re on the move. There is a Google Maps interface that makes it easy to claim mileage reimbursement for work travels.

‘Declaree’ and ‘Expense,’ two MobileXpense brand names, cater specifically to medium-sized firms.


For business travels, Expensify combines expenditure reporting with other features. Automatic reminders for flights, delays in boarding or GPS-based monitoring of the kilometers traveled are just a few examples. For their own safety, employees must activate this function.

It is possible to customize the app’s layout based on your company’s needs, so that the features and information most relevant to your business are prominently shown in the app.

It’s an easy-to-use tool for keeping track of expenses. Using the app, you can see whether you’ve uploaded the same receipt many times. Real-time verification of employee expenditures and the integration of spend management regulations are made possible thanks to the use of software. The program also allows for the addition of various subsidiaries and branches. A variety of file types, including CSV and HTML, are supported for data export.

SAP Concur

Since its acquisition by SAP in 2014, Concur has mostly been employed by businesses with workforces above 700. Expense management is covered in full by this program.

Employees use a smartphone app to snap images of their receipts and then submit their costs electronically. Managers can examine and approve expenditure reports more easily, and the finance staff can process trip reimbursements more quickly.


Strategically, choosing the correct travel expenditure management software is critical since it must be tailored to your company’s unique requirements. Therefore, take the time to examine alternative service providers and find out what features each team actually needs.

When just a few expenditure reports are created each month, an automated receipt processing system may suffice. For companies that often travel and need to compensate their employees for extra charges, such as mileage or supplementary meal allowances, software with additional features is the best option.

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